Apply for The 7th Leadership Camp 2017 NOW!!


2017 Leadership Camp Schedule_Final

리더쉽캠프광고 2017-리더와의만남 5단 Eng 6월 1일

Leadership Camp is back with new and more exciting activities! We’ll see you there 😉

Come join us at the beautiful Pepperdine Campus for June 19th – 24th (Mon-Sat)

* Click Here to Download the Application Form and Consent Form for 2017 Leadership Camp!

여기를 클릭 하셔서 2017 리더십캠프 참가신청서와 동의서를  다운 받으십시오.

*  Please Email These Documents to

신청서를 작성하신 후,  jleadershipcamp@gmail.com으로 이메일 보내 주세요.


2014 Group WordPress Sites

Over the week, each one of our student groups created its own website focused around a specific issue. The websites include interviews with each group member as well as unique articles by each group member. Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 10.52.18 AMAmy, Sally, Alice, Kevin, Samuel

Joanne, Paul, Andrea, Lawrence

Erin, Linda, Alex C, Dongeon

Isaac, Josh, Alex K, Alex P

Mike, Nathan, Junha, Yuri

Austin, Sydney, Gabe, John, Jonathan

Jihye, Tammie, Brian, Hanna

Joy, Judith, Jason, Uvin

Brandon, Emily, Andy, Sang Joon

Julie, Teresa, David, Hana, Skyler

Katie, Sam, Ashley, Joseph

Diane, Eddie, Emily, Isaac, Min

We’re still waiting on the following group:

Daniel, Kenny, Andrew, Elizabeth, Nathan

If you’re in one of these groups, get your website URLs to us by sending an email to